“Our brand is an invitation to collaborate. Our customers are our partners and together we make each other’s organizations more successful.” – Eric Wilson, CEO

ROAMWORKS, headquartered in Dubai (UAE), is a leading Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider led by a team of experienced software and hardware development professionals.
ROAMWORKS develops end-to-end solutions that enable our customers to monitor, track, manage and control their asset data around the world, which helps our customers make better decisions and improve profits.
ROAMWORKS has been developing and deploying M2M and IoT solutions since 2002. We have clients with assets monitored by our ROAM platform on 5 continents.
ROAMWORKS clients are served by offices in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi (UAE) and Bonn (Germany).

Through a proven set of core values that run deep within each member of our team, ROAMWORKS partners with organizations of all sizes to change the way they monitor their global assets and business operations. For over a decade, we have combined our systems integration expertise with our flexible software platform to develop a set of customizable tools that help rapidly track, monitor and analyze data and processes around the world.

We aspire to play a significant role in the global efforts of taking machine relationships to a state of autonomy, thus unlocking the further value of human time.

Our Core Values


Why make life difficult? Keep it simple and always be honest with yourself and everyone else inside and outside the company. it’s just the right thing to do.


Being open with your colleagues, boss, client, partner or supplier results in better relationships. Hiding your shortcomings or mistakes might protect you a little, some of the time but it won’t fully cover you, all of the time. You earn the respect of those around you by owning up to your failings and then working on not repeating them again.


We do not demean ourselves by engaging in unethical business practices. Let others do that if they so choose; we are happy to pass on corrupt deal-making and would rather keep our integrity.


We respect each other as teammates, regardless of position. We respect our clients’, suppliers’ and partners’ time, money and resources and would like the same in return.


International Experience

Founded in 2002, we have many years of international experience and long-standing strategic partnerships with carriers, hardware manufacturers and distribution partners throughout the world.


No matter how near or far you are from a solution to your problem, our approach and technology will help get you there sooner and more efficiently.


Our ROAM platform allows for devices from different vendors and networks (both GSM and Satellite) to be fully integrated and function seamlessly.

Our Diversity

Our team hails from 13 countries and speak more than 11 languages. We believe our diversity enables us to provide better solutions to our clients.