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ROAMWORKS is a global M2M communications software company with over 10 years experience in developing and operating remote asset monitoring solutions.

ROAMWORKS develops telematics solutions that enable our customers to monitor, track, manage and control their asset data around the world, which helps our customers make better decisions and improve profits.

ROAMWORKS is hardware and network independent. We work with the equipment and network that is best suited for our customers’ unique needs and are not bound to push one particular brand over another.

ROAMWORKS is fast. Our software platform allows for Rapid Application Development because its based on the Agile Software Development methodology.  What this means is less application integration and development time, allowing your telematics product to get to market in weeks, not months or years.

What is ROAM?

ROAMWORKS has created a powerful cloud-powered software platform that we use to develop M2M applications. This platform is called ROAM: Remote Operational Asset Monitoring. ROAM gives customers the freedom to choose how to integrate, transmit, receive, distribute, analyze, manage and display data from remote assets.

The ROAM platform and application suite includes over 90% of the infrastructure required to allow a wide variety of sensors, communication devices, networks, and servers to collect, send, receive and distribute data from/to mobile and fixed assets all over the globe.

ROAM has significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to develop, integrate, and launch complex telematics systems. Because of this, customers save time and money by getting their telematics product to market in weeks instead of months.


ROAMWORKS has done the heavy lifting for you. We have put together all of the necessary components – ROAM platform, software developers, hardware integrators, data hosting, custom back-office services and technical support to create complete telematics solutions for our customers. This allows our customers to focus on their core business and improve profits.

ROAMWORKS is versatile, customizable, flexible, robust, scalable, and allows for quick product development. We are hardware and network independent, and even allow devices from different networks (both GSM and satellite) to function simultaneously. We have already developed several standard solutions to meet customers’ most common requirements; these can be up and running in a matter of weeks. These solutions are also easily customizable to cater for any unique requirements.

At a Glance