How We Are Different


ROAMWORKS has been developing and deploying M2M (Machine to Machine) solutions via its ROAM (Remote Operational Asset Monitoring) platform for more than 10 years. We have clients with assets monitored by ROAM in 28 countries on 5 continents. Our clients are served by our 4 offices in Dubai (UAE), Bonn (Germany) and Atlanta, GA (USA).

Our company has come to view itself after many years in this Industry as a thought-leader in the M2M/Pervasive Computing space.

We are network and hardware agnostic whereby we have the flexibility and expertise with our ROAM platform, to integrate variable networks (GSM, satellite, etc) or hardware vendors. We can help navigate an ever-growing list of networks and hardware and easily integrate new ones as they arise. This agnosticism was part of our architectural design philosophy for ROAM from day one.

The deep integration between ROAM, our applications, networks and hardware which we have refined over the past 10+ years also extends to existing software systems at client sites. We have seamlessly integrated our ROAM-based solutions with various ERP, financial and other 3rd party applications. We continue to witness the M2M industry going through various stages and we believe it is still very much a nascent field in need of standards.

Our mission is to make ROAM the M2M industry standard platform for managing remote asset communications.


More than 10 years ago, when our ROAM platform was being initially architected, we decided to adopt the well-known Agile Development Methodology which calls for an ongoing and shortened development cycle, which in our case results in ROAM releases every 5 weeks. This means that our clients benefit from enhancements and new features seamlessly, every 5 weeks…at no additional charge.

ROAM is cloud-based (although we also offer a locally-based solution, if needed). This removes the burden of maintaining servers, hardware, bandwidth, trouble-shooting, etc. from our clients so that they can focus on their core businesses.

Moreover, due to the intelligent design of ROAM, when our clients require custom applications to run on ROAM, we typically design, develop, test and deploy these in 4-6 weeks. This flexibility and deployment speed are critical as new M2M challenges disrupt existing businesses and also offer them an opportunity to be more efficient in many areas.

Naturally, we also have a variety of existing applications on offer for various industries in our library.

We feel strongly that the key to any successful technology solution is the software that binds all the hardware, communications, etc. components together. Hence, we focused on building an extremely powerful software platform that combines:

– Rapid application development of vertical solutions
– Scalability as growth demands
– Dependability and robustness in harsh environments where lives are often at stake
– Tight integration with a wide range of hardware and networks

All of the above results in ROAMWORKS offering both standard and customizable solutions across a nearly limitless range of industries.

True Partnership

We know the term is overused and, indeed, abused, but “partnership” is key to our joint success. We believe that while our clients may not know exactly what kind of a solution is best for their needs, they do know exactly how their businesses work; much better than we or any other solution provider does.

We tap into that business knowledge in order to better understand the challenges facing our clients and then match the relevant technologies and solutions to them. Once implemented, these new industry-specific applications become part of our overall library and we pass on those industry-specific (as opposed to client-specific) benefits and lessons learned to all our clients in the form of ROAM platform enhancements and regular updates.

We take a consultative partnership approach and this means that no matter how technologically sophisticated or not your operation is, we adapt ourselves, our recommendations and our solutions accordingly. We understand that organizations go through different cycles and at different speeds. Our aim is to link with them regardless of where they are and grow with them because we realize that the M2M industry is in flux and no one can accurately predict what problems and solutions will arise in the coming years. As future challenges emerge, we will tackle them together, as partners.

Our focus is to have our software platform, ROAM, and its applications designed to be able to rapidly adapt to known circumstances today and, as yet unknown ones, in the future. To best accomplish this, long-term partnerships with our clients are key.

By working closely with customers with the objective of being “partners for life”. We are interested in long-term relationships with clients whereby we learn about each others’ business and apply that knowledge towards relevant and comprehensive solutions for them. At times, neither of us may know exactly how future trends and technologies will impact the business, but we want to be tackling these future challenges together. Our consultative approach with our clients is key to our success.

This cooperation also extends to our company being an aggregator of whatever tools (hardware, networks, etc.) & systems integration needed to make the best possible solution for our clients with ROAM as the foundation.

Empowered Employees

Without our team, ROAMWORKS would not be where we are today. We aim to hire and retain the smartest, most talented and dedicated people we can find. Moreover, we empower our people to do their respective jobs better, thereby improving our company overall and enhancing our customers’ experiences in the process.

Our growing ROAMWORKS team in our 4 offices hails from 17 countries on 6 continents. This diversity is one of our greatest assets and differentiates us from many other firms. Our people bring a wide range of experiences and problem-solving skills with them which ultimately serve our clients better.

Our team understands the value and importance of true partnership with our clients and we extend our hands to all who share our vision of solving complex problems in the M2M space with solutions based on our ROAM platform.

Once team members are properly trained, we aim to give them the tools and authority they need to perform to their full potential in a responsible way. By providing this type of environment, we believe our team will be more creative, satisfied and deliver what is best for the company.

We demand input, feedback and communication from our team with the overall aim of making ROAMWORKS better. It’s not enough just to fulfill our stated job descriptions; we must always think of what would make our firm an even better place to work in.

We also demand that our team protect this special corporate culture by giving back 110% and keeping complacency and negative attitudes at bay.

We all ask ourselves on a daily basis, “How can I enrich our customers’ experience?”

How We Are Different