How We Do It

Relentless with ROAM

By continuously enhancing our platform, ROAM, to cater for the obvious and not yet obvious needs of clients in the M2M market. We release updates and enhancements to ROAM every 5 weeks, without fail.

True Partnership

By working closely with customers with the objective of being “partners for life”. We are interested in long-term relationships with clients whereby we learn about each others’ business and apply that knowledge towards relevant and comprehensive solutions for them. At times, neither of us may know exactly how future trends and technologies will impact the business, but we want to be tackling these future challenges together. Our consultative approach with our clients is key to our success.

This cooperation also extends to our company being an aggregator of whatever tools (hardware, networks, etc.) & systems integration needed to make the best possible solution for our clients with ROAM as the foundation.


By using our Business Expert (BE) plus Systems Expert (SE) system. Each customer account is assigned a BE and SE who evaluate and develop various solutions for their specific market segment. This team leads the analysis, development, project management, integration and delivery of solutions.

The BE/SE team INITIALLY takes FROM and FINALLY contributes TO our application library every time a project is concluded. Our library should have a net gain after each project due to new business knowledge we would have attained from that new customer and/or vertical.

Empowered Employees

Once team members are properly trained, we aim to give them the tools and authority they need to perform to their full potential in a responsible way. By providing this type of environment, we believe our team will be more creative, satisfied and deliver what is best for the company.

We demand input, feedback and communication from our team with the overall aim of making ROAMWORKS better. It’s not enough just to fulfill our stated job descriptions; we must always think of what would make our firm an even better place to work in.

We also demand that our team protect this special corporate culture by giving back 110% and keeping complacency and negative attitudes at bay.

We all ask ourselves on a daily basis, “How can I enrich our customers’ experience?”

How We Do It