Eric M. Wilson – Chief Executive Officer

Eric is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in diverse businesses. Eric has worked with Fortune 500 companies developing and implementing facilities management programs, reducing cost and improving overall efficiency. He is the founder of Omnitec USA and set up distribution for the group in the U.S., Southern Africa, Europe and Middle East. In 2003, Eric co-founded Omnitec International, facilitated the acquisition of Wildcat Software, and is now the CEO of ROAMWORKS. His role within the company encompasses undertaking industry analyses, identifying strengths & weaknesses, exploiting partnership opportunities, developing core competencies, setting long and short term goals, leveraging links between industry and the market, developing financial relationships with institutions, planning exit strategies, promulgating industry contacts, marketing business globally, fostering inter-organization relationships.

Tariq Abdul-Razaq – Chief Marketing Officer

Tariq has been working in the fields of marketing and IT for over 16 years. His roles have included brand creation, product re-branding, product launches, corporate department creation and restructuring, ERP selection and implementation, as well as retail management software selection and implementation, for several companies within the Mansour Group and others. His most recent project was as a founding partner and Managing Director of GNSE Group, a regional IT software and services company covering the Middle East and Europe. From its beginnings in 2000, GNSE Group has grown into a well-known firm serving clients in various sectors and representing over 15 multinational vendors. Tariq holds a BA from Tufts University.

Jason Gasper – Chief Operating Officer

Jason’s experience ranges from managing the retail operations for the largest technology vendor in the Middle East to working in an management consulting organization. During this time, Jason was in projects which involved distribution, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, technology to name a few. Jason has been with ROAMWORKS since 2006. Jason holds a BSc in International Business from National American University.