Our Approach

Our ROAM platform was designed from its inception to be hardware and network agnostic. We also deliberately do not have exclusivity agreements with any vendors. This was a philosophical choice we made in order to be able to advise our clients more objectively with the best possible solution built around our ROAM platform using the most suitable hardware and communications components for each particular project.

This consultative approach is fundamental to our strategy and success. We do not push a particular package of hardware or networks on our customers. Our focus is on our ROAM platform and we have the flexibility to build applications on it using any number of hardware or communications pieces.

Moreover, as we aim to always enhance our ROAM platform, we are keen to work closely with clients in their respective industries in order for us to add what we learn into our ROAM application library. This results in us releasing updates to ROAM every 5 weeks which provide our clients with a steady flow of new features and enhancements at no extra charge.

We understand that you know your business best, so we want to learn about it from you. At the same time, we will educate you about ROAM’s capabilities and, together, we will implement the most suitable solution for you. This approach is one of true partnership where we both benefit from each others’ expertise. We have no interest in pushing you to buy something that isn’t relevant or isn’t the right fit for you. Because of this, we also don’t expect to be subjected to the typical client-vendor shenanigans. We will respect your time and resources and would like the same in return – true partnership.

We invite you to join us in building innovative solutions to real problems using the ROAM platform.

Our Approach