ROAMWORKS has been developing and deploying M2M (Machine to Machine) solutions internationally via its ROAM (Remote Operational Asset Management) platform for more than 10 years. We have clients with assets monitored by ROAM in 28 countries on 5 continents. Our clients are served by our 4 offices in Dubai (UAE), Bonn (Germany) and Atlanta, GA (USA). Our software development and R&D team is in our Bonn office.

Our company has come to view itself after many years in this Industry as a thought-leader in the M2M/Pervasive Computing space.

We are network and hardware agnostic whereby we have the flexibility and expertise with our ROAM platform, to integrate variable networks (GSM, satellite, etc) or hardware vendors. We can help navigate an ever-growing list of networks and hardware and easily integrate new ones as they arise. This agnosticism was part of our architectural design philosophy for ROAM from day one.

The deep integration between ROAM, our applications, networks and hardware which we have refined over the past 10+ years also extends to existing software systems at client sites. We have seamlessly integrated our ROAM-based solutions with various ERP, financial and other 3rd party applications.

The M2M industry has been growing at a rapid pace and is increasingly important to all types of organizations. Our mission is to make ROAM the M2M industry standard platform for managing remote asset communications.