Heavy Equipment Monitoring Solution is a dynamic software application that enables you to get instant access to the critical information about your remote assets regardless of location.

Our solution was designed to provide remote monitoring of assets such as generators, pumps, cranes, compressors, vehicles, and earth moving machinery.

Heavy Equipment Solution is a cloud-based monitoring application that provides you with a full visibility of your operational processes. Get access to asset data, learn more about driver behavior and generate reports for further analyses.

Heavy Equipment Solution includes alarms system for you to receive instant notifications for various scenarios, different objects and asset types.

Heavy Equipment Solution offers you the instant look at your assets anywhere around the world.

Gain the greater insight of your equipment via our application and analytics.


Our solution simplifies remote monitoring and data management, with  GSM/GPRS based technology that delivers real-time information to any desktop or device, anywhere in the world.


ROAMWORKS Heavy Equipment Monitoring Solution allows companies to see the insight they need to maintain control over their assets – anywhere, anytime. The product enables to keep tabs on a broad range of remote assets through wireless networks.

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Easy-to-read Information

Get easy-to-read information at the click of a mouse, and pull configurable reports that can be emailed or sent via text

Proactive Checks

Check fluids, gauges and battery life. Get easy-to-read information at the click of a mouse, and pull configurable reports that can be emailed or sent via text.

Improved Equipment Utilization

Pinpoint exactly where your assets are at any given moment, so you can confidently schedule the next deployment

Monitor Engine Performance

Monitor engine performance to ensure optimal operation and productivity

Intelligent Mechanisms

Intelligent start/stop, idling mechanism to identify suspicious activities


Geofence based events


Be alarmed when there are security threats or violations


Absolute visibility into Equipment condition and performance. Maximize Equipment re-sale and lifecycle value.