Cold Storage/Warehouse Management

Refreshing capabilities in temperature control

For businesses such as pharmaceutical and food manufacturers, caterers, data centers and laboratories, maintaining precise temperatures is not only vital for product quality, but also regulatory compliance. Remote monitoring solutions from ROAMWORKS help keep cold storage facilities — and other temperature-dependent entities like swimming pools — within the prescribed thresholds. Monitor conditions, and make adjustments on the fly. Receive automatic notification when temperatures fall out of the acceptable range.

ROAMWORKS Cold Storage/Warehouse Management helps you:

Reduce losses – Continuous monitoring ensures product integrity and minimizes downtime by alerting you to cooling problems sooner.

Improve productivity – Real-time data gives you the insight you need to make adjustments and calibrate equipment for optimal performance. The more proactive you can be, the less time you’ll spend diagnosing and fixing problems later.

Ensure compliance – For industries monitored by health boards or other regulatory agencies, our solution helps ensure you stay within mandated ranges.

Cold Storage/Warehouse Management