Portable Equipment Tracking & Monitoring

A powerful monitoring solution for the powerless

For assets with no external power source — i.e., heavy equipment used long-term at job sites; trailers; solar power generators; fishing boats; etc. — ROAMWORKS offers a self-powered monitoring and tracking solution. Using power from clean and environmentally friendly sources, it’s the ideal way to monitor assets that lack an accessible power supply.  Efficient, fast-charging features supply power to our terminals on demand, eliminating all forms of terminal downtime and ensuring constant connectivity to the ROAM application. It’s also quiet and pollution-free.

Benefits of ROAMWORKS Portable Equipment Tracking & Monitoring include:

A monitoring solution where there once was none – Now you can monitor remote assets previously hindered by a lack of power supply.

Higher reliability – Increased filtering of current to the battery and terminals creates more reliable, efficient power than other offsite power solutions.

Environmental friendliness Our solution is 100% green, and so quiet it won’t disturb the community.

Portable Equipment Tracking & Monitoring