Equipment Monitoring Solutions

Cranes, compressors, generators, light towers: They’re required everywhere as industries thrive and construction projects begin. But a booming business opportunity piles on new challenges for heavy equipment dealers. It’s not enough to manage inventory and equipment maintenance to meet growing demand. The economics of inventory have to work—and there are added costs associated with carrying Tier 4-compliant equipment as well as the breadth of inventory customers need immediately.

With a telematics solution from ROAMWORKS , you’ll have the comprehensive real-time data you need to safeguard your business profitability while meeting critical customer requirements. Whether you need to only view engine run time and oil pressure or you need insight into complex minute-by-minute activity across all of your in-field equipment, ROAMWORKS has a monitoring solution for you.

Why we’re different

To sum it up: Flexibility and fast configuration. First, our solution integrates effortlessly with virtually any asset in your inventory—regardless of model, manufacturer or type. We can then feed the telematics data into your back-office business systems in AEMP-standard format.

But what’s really unique is our ability to customize your application, add new capabilities and scale in an exceedingly short timeframe. Our ROAM platform provides the baseline functionality; working closely with you and other customers in similar markets that provide a constant flow of information to improve our platform. Our dedicated engineering teams then add features specifically for your business. So, as your fleet mix changes or your opportunity grows, the application always delivers what you need.

Even if you don’t require customization, we update our platform every five weeks and deploy industry-relevant upgrades to you free of charge. Think of it as a community of industry professionals helping you get the most out of your solution—sometimes even before you think about it.

Dig deep, reveal what’s hidden

Ensure regulatory compliance. Validate ROI. Decrease maintenance outages and enhance productivity. Uncover new insight about your assets — and investment — to make better decisions. Take control with the ROAM Equipment Monitoring solution—one of the few AEMP Tier 4-compliant telematics solutions on the market with proven customer insight.

We offer specialized monitoring solutions for:

Power Generators — More than just location and engine usage; critical diagnostic and maintenance data for reliable performance.

Light Tower Monitoring — Monitor solar and powered portable light towers and ensure reliability from anywhere in the world

Equipment Monitoring Solutions


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