Generator Monitoring

Running is not the same as running profitably

Customers depend on you for reliable power that keeps their job sites humming. You do everything you can to deliver. But does this come at the expense of your own businesses efficiency and profitability?

For instance, are you able to monetize the higher cost of Tier 4-compliant equipment? Can you efficiently handle diagnostics and maintenance on a wide array of assets and engine types?

This is where ROAMWORKS can help. Our monitoring solution gives you powerful insight into the performance of these critical assets. Capture data from any generator in your fleet, regardless of the manufacturer, model or engine type. Use the data to create customizable reports, or feed it in AEMP-standard format to any of your back-office systems for enhanced analysis and right-on-the-money decision-making. Our system is totally flexible and integrates with your current infrastructure.

ROAMWORKS telematics solutions benefit your operation in many ways:

generator-icon1Improved equipment utilization: Pinpoint exactly where your assets are at any given moment so you can confidently schedule the next deployment.

generator-icon2Higher reliability: Monitor engine performance to ensure optimal operation and productivity. Flag maintenance issues before they cause downtime. Know what’s going on — even if the generator is miles out of sight and cell range.

generator-icon3Enhanced ROI & regulatory compliance: As one of the few Tier 4-compliant telematics solutions, our application can set you up for building an ROI case to communicate upcoming costs associated with new, lower-emissions equipment. Now’s the time to think ahead—and we’re already there.

generator-icon4Effortless integration: Our flexible ROAM platform uniquely integrates with J1939 datasets from nearly every manufacturer, model and engine type. Diagnostics and maintenance are simplified, no matter how broad your generator inventory.

generator-icon5Scalable growth & evolution: Our baseline ROAM application is easy to use, even if you’re a new telematics user interesting in seeing only the basics. Need more? We can quickly turn on features that become more important to your business and have been proven in the market.

Generator Monitoring


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