Predictive data to prevent outages, ensure reliability and protect revenue

If you’re skeptical about the value of telemetry in managing your portable lighting systems, look no further than ROAMWORKS for a solid return on your investment.

With a telemetry-powered Light Monitoring solution from ROAMWORKS, you’ll not only ensure reliability but operational sustainability of your assets. Whether you’re on the job site or half a world away, ROAMWORKS gives you immediate insight — and the ability to respond — to a range of critical real-time details including:

  • Asset location and dispatch
  • Run time
  • Equipment performance
  • Engine characteristics (oil pressure, cooling, etc.)
  • Fuel/battery levels
  • Outages
  • Asset productivity and profitability
  • Maintenance timing/scheduling
  • “Red flag” issues of concern and more…

How it Works

Whether you are monitoring a solar or powered light tower, monitoring options range from basic to advanced, where diagnostics data is collected from the device, translated into usable information, and sent over wireless communication networks straight to your desktop or mobile device.

What’s more, our ROAM web-based software solution integrates effortlessly with your other enterprise systems, turning real-time asset data into a strategic business tool that you can pair with other asset monitored by telematics solutions such as generators, compressors, heavy equipment or more.

The baseline functionality of our ROAM application, developed through our extensive expertise in M2M connectivity, gives smaller organizations rich capabilities without breaking the bank. As business needs grow, ROAMWORKS can quickly enhance and scale the applications to adapt. As a ROAMWORKS client, you’ll also benefit from our frequent software updates, issued free of charge every five weeks.

Light Tower Monitoring


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