Transportation & Logistics

The farther afield your colleagues, vehicles and shipments are, the more vulnerable your organization is to outside forces. Mechanical issues, traffic, inclement weather, detours, driver judgement, criminal activity and other environmental challenges can erode productivity, efficiency and promises made. ROAMWORKS puts the control back in your hands, with state of the art GSM/GPRS- and Satellite/GPRS-based technology that monitors and tracks every movement, every step of the way.

We offer a breadth of solutions for transportation and logistics companies:

Vehicle and Fleet Telematics – Monitor real-time location and travel progress; utilization; mechanical condition; driver performance; idle time; and more.

Specialty Trailer Tracking – Pinpoint the location and condition of containers, trailers and other traveling assets anywhere in the world.

Intermodal Asset Management – Optimize control over assets that move between multiple facilities and methods of transit (roads, rails, waterways and air).

Land, Sea, and Air Control (Commercial) – Specific applications for commercial airlines, private/public charters or cargo vessels that meet government and industry requirements for better managing security threats, routes and asset performance.

Land, Sea, and Air Control (Government) – Specific applications for government agencies.

Transportation & Logistics