Heavy Equipment Tracking & Management

Heavy equipment data that’s worth its weight in gold

When heavy equipment goes down, the entire job may come to a halt. Steamrollers, excavators and other types of large, towed-in machinery may be difficult to swap out in a timely fashion, especially in a remote area. That’s what makes real-time tracking and monitoring of heavy equipment so vital. The ROAMWORKS solution does more than just pinpoint location and track engine hours; it also provides critical diagnostics that enable more proactive maintenance — and higher reliability. By monitoring characteristics like engine temperature, oil pressure, fluid levels and more, you can improve maintenance scheduling, maximize equipment performance, and save money.

ROAMWORKS Heavy Equipment Tracking & Management helps you:

Improve equipment utilization Know where your assets are, and their status (i.e., on a job site; idle and ready for dispatch; in service/repair; etc.)

Boost uptime – Assess equipment condition and maintenance needs so you can proactively respond.

Lower costs – Improved equipment utilization and maintenance reduces the need for spare machines and parts. Also, historical service data eliminates over-servicing.

Reduce theft Sensors and alerts let you know there is an attempted theft so you can react quickly.

Heavy Equipment Tracking & Management