Intermodal Asset Management

The express route from complexity to control

“One if by land, two if by sea.” That form of logistics tracking might have worked in Paul Revere’s time, but today’s intermodal system of transport is an enormously complex endeavor. A shipment’s journey between warehouses and distribution centers, and across a complex maze of roads, rails, waterways and skies, leaves too much room for inefficiency and error. ROAMWORKS brings more control to the process —with a remote tracking and monitoring solution designed to address the unique challenges of intermodal logistics.

ROAMWORKS Intermodal Asset Management helps you:

Improve dispatch – Instantly see the location and status of all containers and other intermodal assets in your operation. Whether they’re moving by truck, rail car, airplane or boat, you’ll know current position, ETA to destination, and condition (loading, unloading, waiting, ready to depart, damaged, stolen, etc.)

Reduce costs – Improving dispatch can yield better fleet utilization, leading to lower personnel and fuel costs.

Precise scheduling (and promises kept) – Intermodal logistics requires carefully orchestrated timing. Our tracking solution monitors all routes, detours, accidents and other potential delays so you can route, reroute and schedule accordingly.

Enhanced safety and security – Container thefts are on the rise. Our solution includes sensors, alarms and driver panic buttons to alert your operations center of any problems — in addition to crime, these sensors can also alert you of mechanical problems, accidents or driver impairment. This enables rapid response.

Intermodal Asset Management