Land, Sea, and Air Control (Commercial)

Protecting your precious cargo

The vast ocean and open skies can be lonely places, especially if your crew is faced with a mechanical or security issue in transit. ROAMWORKS cellular-based remote monitoring applications help your people safely stay on track. Our applications monitor sea vessels and aircraft to pinpoint locations, movements, status and condition, ensuring safe operations and fast response to problems. For example:

Our air and maritime applications ensure compliance and security of your aircraft, ships, cargo and crew anywhere on the planet. You can establish geo-fencing that alerts you if the crew moves into troubled or restricted areas, or makes unscheduled/unreported stops. If security is threatened, the system can immediately send a signal to other agencies (i.e., the Coast Guard) for assistance.

Private boat owners can remotely control the vessel’s electro-mechanical equipment and conditions around the clock. It’s a great way to prevent theft.

These solutions also offer mechanical monitoring such as fluid levels to ensure the craft is well-conditioned for the mission.

Our Maritime application monitors battery and lamp performance on lighthouses, providing peace of mind and assurance to your crews. It also pinpoints the location of buoys and alerts you to any that have become detached.

Some of the benefits you can achieve through ROAMWORKS Land, Sea, and Air Control (Commercial) include:

Increased safety and security – Accurate, real-time data enables you to provide timely instruction to personnel and greater chance of rescue.

Better information Reduce the dependence on crews to make contact; mitigate false information from crews about their whereabouts; and eliminate the need to dial in to INMARSAT for data that ROAM provides.

Reduced costs – You’ll no longer risk fines from user-defined violations (e.g. non-report, unplanned stop by fuel tankers, variation in ETA estimations), because the system notifies you in time to take immediate corrective action.

Land, Sea, and Air Control (Commercial)