Specialty Trailer Tracking

Real-time data that keeps you hitched to your trailers

The trailers in your fleet are a critical link in an “on-demand” economy. Yet meeting tight delivery demands can seriously hamper the economics of your organization if you don’t have precise information about the location and condition of these trailers on a real-time basis. That’s where ROAMWORKS comes in. We deliver monitoring and tracking solutions specifically designed to meet the demands of specialty trailer operators.

ROAMWORKS Specialty Trailer Tracking helps you:

Improve dispatch – Get a fix on the location and status — i.e., loading, unloading, waiting, etc. — of your trailers and cargo. Information can be accessed via online mapping software or through emailed or text reports.

Keep promises – Better location and status tracking means customers get a more accurate ETA.

Boost productivity – By gathering real-time data on conditions like idle time, vehicle speed, traffic congestion, fuel consumption and more, you’ll be able to make decisions that minimize wasted time and money.

Enhance safely and minimize losses – Sensors, alarms and driver panic buttons alert your managers to theft, accidents, driver impairment and other problems so that help can be summoned quickly.

Specialty Trailer Tracking