Vehicle & Fleet Telematics

Monitoring that boosts momentum

Efficiently getting from Point A to Point B involves more than picking a route. It’s about optimizing driver and vehicle performance, fuel economy and vehicle utilization or preventing problems that arise due to maintenance issues or security threats. In short, getting from one place to another requires keeping tabs on hundreds of dynamic details about each vehicle and the total fleet. ROAMWORKS delivers this insight. Through an in-vehicle tracking unit and a browser-based application, you can monitor every movement in real time, and make proactive decisions that speed customer service levels, reduce operating costs, maximize driver and cargo safety and prolong the lifespan of your fleet.

ROAMWORKS Vehicle & Fleet Telematics helps you:

Improve routing and utilization – Do your drivers have to wait too long at hubs or delivery points? Is travel continually delayed by traffic congestion and roadwork? Our solution provides insight that improves dispatch routing and scheduling.

Maximize driver productivity How long does it take your drivers to locate a particular vehicle? How much idle time is spent each day? Are they sticking to their prescribed routes or taking unnecessary detours? Get clear data and facts.

Reduce costs – In addition to better vehicle utilization and productivity, our solution also gives you critical insight to driver behaviors that impact fuel consumption, insurance premiums and other operating expenses.

Ensure safer operations – If there’s a problem with a vehicle — a maintenance issue, an accident, driver illness or a crime — sensors, alarms and panic buttons can be engaged to alert appropriate personnel and summon assistance.

Vehicle & Fleet Telematics