“Track24 Limited has been working intimately with ROAMWORKS for seven years and the ROAM platform has been developed to provide a service to Track24’s clients. The nature of our requirement in the security sector is highly demanding and the reliability, scalability and functionality of the system have to be world-class.

As a result of the exceptional standard set by ROAMWORKS combined with Track24’s ability to service its markets, we have generated a client base of over one hundred customers with several governments amongst that base. Our belief that the underlying ROAM platform has set the global standard for remote operating asset management led us to take the strategic decision to form a very close partnership with ROAMWORKS to service the security and defence sectors over the long term.

We believe ROAMWORKS, led by a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals, to be an exceptional company. The quality of the people we work with in ROAMWORKS has been excellent and our support first rate. We look forward to growing our business alongside ROAMWORKS in a market that can only grow and confident that we are using a world leading platform.”

Tim Grant

“We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service. We have always been able to rely on your flexibility and courteous service.

It’s a pleasure to work with people, who know the meaning of efficiency; we have appreciated the friendly business relationship we have had with your company for the last 6 years. We look forward doing business with you for years to come.”

Deepak Shirodkar
Operations Manager, Hub & Gateway
DHL Middle East

“Working with ROAMWORKS has enabled us to be the only bank in the UAE to provide the yacht financing product. We look forward to develop this relationship further by recommending this product to the bank’s international network. We wish ROAMWORKS continued success in their endeavour.”

Czeslaw Brodalka
Business Development Manager

“We have been working with ROAMWORKS since 2005 and will continue to do so because we firmly believe in the company’s ability to deliver outstanding service and solutions tailored to our needs as well as the industry.

Working with ROAMWORKS on an operational level has helped us improve our efficiency especially in the area of fleet management.

We cannot think of a better reason to work with a company that has their vision aligned with ours in areas that matter to both aramex and ROAMWORKS. Our best wishes will continue to remain with ROAMWORKS.”

Eyad Karadsheh
Regional Land Freight Manager

“Our transition to the ROAMWORKS fleet management system went incredibly smooth due to the excellent level of customer service they provided. Our representative worked with us to customize the system to meet our needs, ensuring that it provided the type of information that was important to us. The ROAMWORKS system now helps us get the most out of our resources through accountability, documentation, and resource management.”

Lieutenant Jeff Armstrong
Plum Borough Police Department

ROAMWORKS is working with us to make sure our trucks and drivers are safe, efficient and in proper working condition. We’ve been able to immediately see results when we analyze the reports from within the application, letting us know where we can improve upon throughout our operation.”

Travis Siegfried

“Valuable data that once terminated at gauges in the control room can now be securely moved throughout the organization. Key process indicators can now be funneled real-time to the desktops, smartphones and tablets of personnel who need to know. It’s the next logical step in cloud-based computing for industrial sites and it takes less than a day to be up and running in most cases.”

Toby Wiik