Improve your fleet’s efficiency with ROAM Fleet & Vehicle Tracking

For machine-to-machine communication to be truly valuable, it has to connect more than devices. It has to connect you to the meaningful insight you need to maximize your fleet’s efficiency – and your budget.

That’s what makes ROAMWORKS — and our ROAM® Fleet and Vehicle Tracking solution — the partner of choice for businesses that rely on the timely, efficient transport of goods and services.

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ROAMWORKS fleet monitoring solutions

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fleet monitoring

Repair & Maintenance Costs (AED)

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(Due to Normal Usage, Rash Driving & Personal Use)

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Average cost savings per year

fleet monitoring


Repair & Maintenance Savings (AED)


Fuel Cost Savings (AED)


Total savings with ROAMWORKS Fleet Maintenance (AED)

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ROAMWORKS helps companies connect the dots


ROAMWORKS provides an excellent return on your investment, connecting vehicle monitoring, operational savings and driver behavior to seriously enhance your fleet’s efficiency.


Based in Dubai, ROAMWORKS has nearly 15 years of proven leadership in developing M2M solutions for the transportation industry, and the local know-how that guarantees that we work exactly the same way you do.


We bridge the information gap between assets, locations and people—shedding light on everything from fuel savings to vehicle performance to transit time to driver behavior, and so much more.


ROAMWORKS issues free software updates every 5 weeks, ensuring that our platforms stay in touch with changing market needs.


The open-architecture ROAM platform connects seamlessly to existing legacy systems, scales efficiently, and works with your own hardware. What’s more, you can run ROAM over multiple data networks.

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