Cold Storage

How does the ROAMWORKS Cold Storage Room Temperature Monitoring work?

  • Wireless temperature monitoring system is the latest technology in monitoring and tracking temperatures in refrigerated rooms & warehouses.
  • By fixing one wireless sensor in each refrigerated room and connecting all the rooms through a single receiver with a GPRS/GSM modem, you will be able to track and monitor all your cold storage rooms via any Internet connection, even if they are in different locations or regions.

Benefits of using the ROAMWORKS Cold Storage Room Temperature Monitoring

  • Connect and monitor all your cold storage warehouses through single solution
  • Full wireless connection, no wiring, temperature diversion or drilling
  • Temperature alarms
  • Full temperature history for all locations
  • Improve performance and increase security
  • Reports can be accessed ad-hoc or be scheduled as per user-definable schedule (e.g. 8 am daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Sensor’s measuring threshold is between (-30 to +260°C or -200 to +600°C)
  • Battery life of up to 3 years for the wireless probes
  • Up to 300M unobstructed wireless coverage by the temperature probes
  • On-the-fly temperature threshold range adjustments
  • Web, email & SMS notification in case of temperature falling out of acceptable range for more than a set amount of time
  • Full temperature history display in regular and graphical format
  • “In Maintenance” option to switch off Alarms temporarily if the Cold Storage rooms are under maintenance

GSM/GPRS modem capabilities

  • Modbus, Serial Pass Through, Digital and Analogue input capabilities
  • Ability to integrate various sensor types (such as humidity, door contact & light sensors) in addition to the wireless temperature sensor from various manufacturers if the need arises
  • Can have 1 or more GSM/GPRS Modems connected on a Modbus network allowing integration of the wireless temperature monitoring application with other PLC devices to report to ROAM
  • Ability to connect to a backup battery and send an alarm in case of a main electrical power outage of the cold storage facility

Areas of application

The transmitter is especially suitable for temperature measurements in fields such as:

  • Warehousing/Cold Storage
  • Food Processing, Retail, Catering
  • Laboratories
  • Industrial environments
  • Water systems
  • Swimming Pools
  • Server Rooms


Cold Storage