How does the ROAMWORKS Maritime Application work?

  • The Maritime Application which includes Vessel Tracking, Navigation Buoy Monitoring and Lighthouse Monitoring have been developed as a key commercial application sector within the ROAM Application Suite.
  • The Maritime Application is to ensure compliance and the security of your ships, cargo and crew anywhere on the world’s oceans. The application exceeds all relevant IMO (International Marine Organisation) tests for the SSAS (Ship Security Alert System).
  • This product provides security, simplified monitoring/tracking and management solutions for owners/operators and event organizers of leisure craft within the marine recreational sector.
  • By combining the robust units with state-of-the-art software, the client is able to receive on-board device information which is displayed on the web application and over network services. In an event of vessels’ security being compromised, they are capable of sending out alerts to the Coast Guard or other security agencies.

The ROAMWORKS Vessel Monitoring solution helps keep track of your valuable assets

  • Vessels with GPS tracking devices make it possible for their owners/operators to keep track of their vessels’ location at all times.
  • Should the vessel try to leave a certain area, a sophisticated, escalating alarm system will be triggered.
  • The solution has benefits for the private owner too: clients can check on the location of their vessel. Additionally, you can opt for a special module that enables you to remotely monitor and control your vessel’s electro-mechanical equipment and conditions, 24/7/365.

Features of Vessel Tracking

  • Track vessels’ location anytime anywhere in the world with a click of a button via satellite
  • Setup geo-fences to define points of interest (port entry, troubled waters, restricted waters)
  • Customized site per customer (personal login and password per user)
  • Integrated GIS mapping
  • Panic, geo-fence and non-report alarms
  • Alert notifications via email and SMS
  • Alarm escalation procedures
  • The various standard reports provide you with a summary of multiple activities for a specified period. For example:
–Estimated time of arrival variance
–Non-reported stops at sea
–Distance traveled by each vessel, etc.
–Integrate with existing navigational and communications systems on-board
–Monitor fluid levels in tankers with tank level monitoring

Benefits of Vessel Tracking

  • Find the vessels current location at any time
  • Ensure Security
  • Proven security alert system (ensure rescue with the aid of a panic button)
  • Control Movements & Enforce Policy
  • Improve Problem Response Times
  • Eliminate dependence on crew to make contact
  • Eliminate need to dial-in to INMARSAT for getting data which ROAM can provide
  • Mitigate false information from pilots about their whereabouts and eliminate the possibilities of total ‘radio silence’, variations in trips planned and monitor passage to/through no-go zones
  • When a user-defined event violation occurs in a vessel (e.g. non-report, unplanned stop by fuel tankers, variation in ETA estimations), the system will notify the appointee. The appointee can then take immediate corrective action and avoid potentially huge costs
  • Monitor movements of special cargo (e.g. explosives) from commencement of trip to destination in order to ensure safe passage
  • Efficiently manage co-ordination of cargo handling prior to arrival

Solution for monitoring fixed and floating aids to navigation include lighthouses and buoys

  • The ROAMWORKS Navigation Buoy Monitoring solution monitors variable parameters in a combined application.
  • For a lighthouse, the most important factors are the status of the battery and the lamp.
  • For buoys, the position is also important (a free-floating buoy can be problematic).
  • All data is monitored by our application remotely.
  • Customized notifications are sent to the responsible persons in case of alarm situations, 24/7/365.