Tank Level

How does the ROAMWORKS Tank Level Monitoring Solution work?

  • Whether you manage your own tanks or your customers’ storage tanks, you need instant access to accurate information to operate effectively and provide optimal customer service.
  • Easy to implement and Easy to use.
  • Level Monitoring is compatible with any tank, any sensor, and any type of network connection.
  • Level monitoring solution allows you to instantly monitor a wide range of remote sensors on wired or wireless networks. An intuitive dashboard with location capabilities shows the location and condition of all your remote tanks.

Overall benefits

  • Around-the-Clock Monitoring: delivers near-real-time status updates on tank level, temperature, humidity, pressure, or any condition you have the sensors to measure. Whether your tanks store solids, liquids, or gases, our solution is always on the job, continuously monitoring your tanks and delivering the information you need to manage and control your operations.
  • Near-Real-Time Visibility: delivers the intelligent near-real-time information you need to drive new efficiencies in your business – For any industry  and any type of tank. For companies that operate under just in-time inventory, having accurate, reliable information about tank levels and conditions is essential.
  • Alerts & Notifications: automatically sends alerts and notifications when tank conditions meet user-defined thresholds.
  • Monitor Your World, Any Time, Any Place Administration: is a web-based service. You can check the status of your tanks from any computer with an Internet connection – any time, from any location. There is no limit to the number of tanks you can monitor.
  • Improve Efficiency: eliminates the need for physical site visits to check tank conditions, streamlining the logistics of collecting critical information.

Benefits of using ROAMWORKS Vehicle Tracking and Tank Level Monitoring solutions together

In addition to the benefits outlined in the Vehicle Tracking section, you can:
  • Get the level in the tanker along with the periodic position report
  • Set thresholds to notify you when the level is below a certain value (for reordering)
  • Define special zones where the level drop/rise is allowed
  • Be notified if there is a major change in the level within a certain period of time
  • Get SMS or email notifications for alarms, violations, etc.
  • Generate reports accessed ad-hoc or be scheduled as per user-definable schedule (e.g. 8 am daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)


Tank Level