Vehicle Tracking

How does the ROAMWORKS Vehicle Tracking Solution work?

  • ROAMWORKS uses state of the art GSM/GPRS and Satellite/GPRS based technology.
  • A Vehicle Tracking Unit is installed in the vehicle.
  • After installation, the vehicle will show up on a digital map and can be tracked online.
  • A user friendly, web based application/interface, is provided to the customer with secured access, to monitor their vehicles and to generate various kinds of reports to analyze data.
  • ROAM offers multi-level Asset Group creation which help the organization to assign Account Managers to clients and each Account Manager would only be able to view their client’s vehicle movement.
  • Customers will receive Notifications/ Alarms / Alerts near real time according to the pre-customized setup for Geofences, Speed, Maintenance, etc.
  • In addition to online reports, customers will get myriad of vehicle performance reports, which can be scheduled as per user definable schedule (e.g. 8 am daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)

Manage and track your fleet of trucks or cars for higher efficiency

The ROAMWORKS Vehicle Tracking Application provides you with a scheduling module that allows you to plan the utilization of all your trucks to the maximum. It includes specialized reports which can be requested on demand or on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly) to easily monitor your performance and improve your business’ overall performance. Of course you will always know where your trucks are, 24/7.

Typical areas of interest

Basic Issues –
  • location of vehicle
  • over-speeding
  • irresponsible driving, misuse of vehicle, etc.
Efficiency Issues –
  • fuel consumption
  • unnecessary stoppages on the way
  • routes taken
  • misreporting
  • violating a pre-defined route
  • engine idling, etc.
  • Security & Theft of Vehicle and/or Cargo

Track your trucks and cars to gain access to near real time position information and logs of activity

ROAMWORKS can provide vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions to a variety of operations that include:

  • Logistics and Cargo operations
  • Liquid Cargo Tankers
  • Tours and Travels
  • Refrigerated Vehicles
  • Crane Operators
  • School Bus operations
  • Warehouse operations
  • Commercial companies

So how will a vehicle tracking system improve your business?

Suppose you’re the owner of a Logistics Company and you’re looking for a system that gives you the assurance that your trucks and drivers are being utilized to the fullest. Below are some questions to think about:
  • How can you be sure your vehicles are being productive, secure and that the risks of fraud/theft is mitigated?
  • How do you protect drivers and your reputation in the face of customer disputes, vehicle theft and accident claims associated with your fleet?
  • Is your operations manager sure that drivers are taking the most efficient routes to their jobs? How long does it take for them to locate a particular vehicle?
  • How do you currently measure and manage fleet safety? Are your drivers and vehicles as secure as they should be?
  • How deeply are high fuel bills cutting into your bottom line each year?

Inefficiency due to lack of information

Elements which decrease productivity, performance and overall profit:

  • Inefficient routing practices
  • Wasted time on the job
  • Excessive engine idling
  • Speeding/reckless driving
  • Inadequate security measures
  • Inadequate record-keeping for vehicle maintenance
  • Unnecessary overtime payments
  • Time wasted searching for specific vehicles
  • And most importantly, lack of near real-time information on the vehicles

Benefits of using ROAMWORKS Vehicle Tracking

Benefits to Operations Managers:

  • Ensure that the vehicle follows the designated route by allowing you to Geofence the route.
  • Put virtual fences around allowed and / or not allowed zones. System can generate notification when the vehicle leaves the allowed zone and when the vehicle enters a restricted zone.
  • Location referencing based on your points of interest
  • Location performance based on location monitoring and analysis (e.g. which locations are trucks spending a lot of time, which location is a bottleneck for operations?)
  • Ensure that Maintenance Manager acts immediately when panic alarm is pressed by the driver

Benefits to Management:

  • Reduce operational cost
  • Improve performance
  • Increase efficiency
  • Eliminate unnecessary downtime and fuel wastage
  • Security and visibility of fleet
  • User-definable alarm escalation features (e.g. if Maintenance Manager doesn’t act on a breakdown, the Operations Manager gets notification after 30 minutes. If Operations Manager doesn’t do anything about it, his superiors get the notification, and so on)
  • Myriad of vehicle performance reports
  • Reports can be scheduled as per user definable schedule (e.g. 8 am daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Logs of all alarms

Overall Benefits to the Organization:

  • Dynamically add/ remove unlimited locations
  • Complete automated Notifications / Alerts / Alarms
  • Graphical and Visual reports with different export formats.
  • Multilevel Asset Group creation (e.g. group 10 trucks for client A, group 4 trucks to client B). This helps the organization to assign Account Managers to clients. The Account Manager would only be able to view his client’s vehicle movement.
  • Moreover, long-term clients can be given access to view their movements too.

Optional Security Features

  • Panic Button: The red panic button is installed and hidden under the driver’s steering wheel. If the button is pushed for more than 2 seconds, it will then send a panic message to ROAM platform thus triggering a panic alarm and the appropriate notifications.
  • Door Contact Sensor: This sensor is used to detect door states (open/close). A pair (as shown in the figure) should be installed for each door that is required to have its state monitored.
  • Door Magnetic Lock: The magnetic lock is used to ensure that in the event of carjack, the criminal will have great difficulty in opening the cargo door.
  • Vehicle Immobilizer: The immobilizer feature works by disabling the ignition circuit (engine cranking circuit). So if a vehicle is already on and in a journey the immobilizer will not kick in until the vehicle is switched off. Upon switching off the vehicle it cannot be operational until a mobilize command is sent.

Why ROAMWORKS vehicle tracking SPECIFICALLY?

  • Free monthly updates
  • Quick turn-around time for specific customization requests
  • Our 99.8% uptime (the only downtime we have is our scheduled maintenance)
  • Industry-standard data encryption
  • 24/7 helpdesk support
  • Up-to-date with technology offering in terms of products
  • Solid customer base of large multinational companies and various government agencies in more than 60 countries mainly UAE, USA, Germany, British Foreign Office, etc. with a presence in Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, other high-risk areas through our exclusive security partner


Vehicle Tracking