ROAMWORKS solutions combine the hardware, wireless networks and software needed for businesses to track, monitor, and analyze the data from their assets.

  • Technology

    Our technology allows us to monitor any kind of mobile or fixed assets around the globe and easily solve your business challenges.

  • Instrumentation

    We partner with world-leading suppliers of devices, modems and sensor instrumentation to track, monitor and control your assets regardless of location.

  • Wireless Networks

    We simplify remote monitoring and data management with a wide range of wireless communication technologies that delivers real-time information to any desktop or device, anywhere in the world.

  • ROAM Platform

    We have created a revolutionary software platform ROAM (Remote Operational Application Monitoring) that we use to develop wireless remote asset monitoring and management applications.


Cloud-based platform

Our application supports multiple remote monitoring and tracking devices over multiple networks and is accessible via any standard web-browser.

Web-services integration

Our platform can be easily integrated with your ERP and other business systems.

Alarms & Alerts

ROAM includes the ability to set an almost infinite alarm or alert scenarios that can be sent via email or SMS to any device the second an alarm condition occurs.

Administration and Security

ROAM provides multiple levels of administration that is configurable to fit any hierarchical structure or user permission requirements.

ROAM applications are hosted in a Tier-3 datacenter in Dubai. Access to the application is over HTTPS using an SHA-2 compliant RSA 2048 bit SSL secure certificate.

User-friendly interface

Simple, clean, intuitive and reliable – the ROAM platform is well-organized and easy to use with quick access to common features and commands. We’ve even included multi-language support so users in different regions can access the platform in their native language.

We feel strongly that the key to any successful technology solution is the software that binds all the components together. The ROAM applications suite can be customized to allow customers to choose how to transmit, integrate, distribute and display data from remote assets.

We offer both, standard and customizable solutions, across a nearly limitless range of industries.

Let us know your custom needs