More than 10 years ago, when our ROAM platform was being initially architected, we decided to adopt the well-known “agile development methodology” which calls for an ongoing and shortened development cycle, which in our case results in ROAM releases every 5 weeks. This means that our clients benefit from enhancements and new features seamlessly, every 5 weeks…at no additional charge.

ROAM is set up as a cloud-powered platform (although we also offer a locally-based solution, if needed). This removes the burden of maintaining servers, hardware, bandwidth, trouble-shooting, etc. from our clients so that they can focus on running their core businesses.

Moreover, due to the intelligent design of ROAM, when our clients require custom applications to run on ROAM, we typically design, develop, test and deploy these in 4-6 weeks. This flexibility and deployment speed are critical as new M2M challenges disrupt existing businesses and also offer them an opportunity to be more efficient in many areas.

Naturally, we also have a variety of existing applications on offer for various industries in our library.

We feel strongly that the key to any successful technology solution is the software that binds all the components (hardware, communications, etc.) together. Hence, we focused on building an extremely powerful software platform that combines:

– Rapid application development of vertical solutions
– Scalability as growth demands
– Dependability and robustness in harsh environments where lives are often at stake
– Tight integration with a wide range of hardware and networks

All of the above results in ROAMWORKS offering both standard and customizable solutions across a nearly limitless range of industries.