Tank Operations Monitoring System (TOMS)

It is vital for businesses to optimize their operations to keep the edge in a competitive market. This is why having a full visibility on Stationary or Mobile Tanks enable businesses to stand out of the competition and opens new horizons of opportunities.

ROAMWORKS Tank Operations Monitoring System (TOMS) provides the insight businesses need to maintain control over their assets - anywhere, anytime. It is an easy-to-use remote monitoring platform.


Tank Operations Monitoring System is a secure cloud-based application that monitors mobile and stationary assets in real-time and allows you to view a valuable data of your tanks.

Mobile Tank

Tank Visibility

Increase visibility and transparency at loading/offloading sites.
Track your product throughout the transit and detect any product adulteration or discrepancy.
Fleet Monitoring
Increased efficiency of product distribution. Monitor and manage your assets live via map layers along with driver identification for complete visibility of your tank.
TOMS offers you the instant look at your assets anywhere around the world.
Alarms System
TOMS includes alarms system for you to receive instant notifications when there are security threats or violations.
Get user-friendly interface with a dynamic dashboard to view all essential data.
Analytical Reports
Collected information is used in various BI reports and dashboards that provide relevant and real-time data for further analyses.

Stationary Tank

Storage Tank Visibility
Increase visibility of stored product.
Life periodic level report.
Increased Operations
Eliminate run-out and emergency deliveries.
Alarms System
Get level status alarms when tank is full/empty.
Improved SCM
Exclude manual measurement and monitor your tanks remotely.
With TOMS you will be able to immediately respond to security threats or violations.

TOMS Benefits

With TOMS you can monitor your assets anywhere, anytime


Both real-time and historical data is the core value of this solution. Gain greater visibility at your tanks throughout trip to detect product discrepancy on time.


Informed decisions are possible now to optimize operations and resource usage

Cost Effective

Reduce operation cost


Systems alarms are crucial and powerful features to prevent damage and detect fuel adulteration


Now it is possible to expand to other markets in a systematic and well-planned manner


It is the proper way to adjust some of authorities regulations both locally and internationally


The Tank Operations Monitoring System (TOMS) is a combination of level sensor, hardware and software that allows you to monitor, analyze and track your assets and acquire the required data.

How TOMS works

TOMS simplifies remote monitoring and data management, with state-of-the-art GSM/GPRS based technology that delivers real-time information to any desktop or device, anywhere in the world.


Founded in 2000, ROAMWORKS sets a new standard in mobile and fixed asset tracking and monitoring. Drawing on decades of wireless experience – with particular emphasis in communications and messaging, software design for multi-level user interaction, distribution and logistics, facilities management, financial services, and data security – our engineers and executives have delivered revolutionary market applications now used in over 30 industries across the globe. With corporate offices in Dubai (UAE), Atlanta (USA) and Bonn (Germany), ROAMWORKS is constantly evolving to quickly fulfill niche market demands and improve business performance for customers worldwide.

TOMS provides end-to-end solution across various industries


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